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Strike Back

A 1v1, 2D traditional versus fighting game focused on ground-based combat




August 2022 - Present

"F.O.W.L Engine" (Custom Engine)


Tools Used:
- C#

- "Fighter Data" JSON scripting

- Unity Engine

- git/Sourcetree/SVN


Strike Back is a spiritual successor to 1st Strike and was developed as part of a 10+ member multi-disciplinary team as part of DigiPen Institute of Technology's year-long GAM 200/250 course.

My role was as lead designer/combat director on the project.


This project was an extremely valuable learning experience on working in an interdisciplinary environment. Through excellent planning, communication, and hard work we ended up creating one of the first fully-fleshed out fighting games ever made within the GAM 200/250 course in the history of DigiPen.


My Ownerships

  • ​Wrote all core design documentation/user stories, and designed/scripted the foundational combat for the game. 

  • Programmed/developed a frame-accurate prototype of the game within Unity. 

  • Scripted all in-game characters through our own proprietary "Fighter Data" JSON scripting pipeline.

  • Directed user playtesting to constantly align user feedback with appropriate gameplay changes.

  • Routine bug-logging for gameplay elements such as input buffering, gameplay issues, UI issues, etc. 

  • Assisted in designing the game's UI to ensure the smoothest user experience possible.

  • Performed/provided live reference modeling for artists for all character's combat actions.

Key Design Lessons Learned

  • Combat feel is king, players will aim to use "high combat feel moves" whenever they can.

  • Combat readability design principles/concepts within fighting games, action readability is key!

  • Fighting game design/character move list design, a sandbox of tools - don't force designer's vision in kit!

  • High level frame-data/character-data concepts, lot of players don't naturally understand plus frames. 

  • Working with less breeds creativity, intelligent asset reuse is very powerful!

PLAY Strike Back

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