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Isshin is a 3rd Person Sekiro-style game with rouge-lite elements. Play as a cyberpunk samurai who repeats a cycle of life and death to kill their demon.

Isshin is currently in development as part of DigiPen's GAM 300/350 class as part of an interdisciplinary team. I serve as creative director and as combat designer on the team.

Platform | PC


Dev TimeIn-Progress

Team Size | 19

Role | Creative Director/Combat Designer


My Ownerships

  • ​Designed and oversaw core combat systems and mechanics for Isshin

  • Implemented combat actions using Unreal blueprints and custom montages.

  • Tuned and balanced frame data/hurtboxes/hitboxes using data assets.

  • Designed and tuned enemy behavior gameplay using a robust behavior tree system.

  • Assisted in the design and implementation of the overall in-game UI using Unreal Blueprints.

  • Collaborated with designers on a range of design topics to maintain consistent quality/tone.

  • Assisted in designing elements of the overall level layout and flow.

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