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Strike Back is a 2D 1v1 fighting game focusing on a bite-sized fighting game experience. Pick from two characters based on real fighting styles and Strike Back!


Strike Back was developed as part of DigiPen's year-long GAM 200/250 course. The game is a spiritual successor to 1st Strike and is one of the first 1v1 fighting games to be made available on DigiPen's Game Gallery website. I served as the lead system/combat designer on the project.

Platform | PC


Dev Time | 9 Months

Team Size | 14

Playtime | 5 Minutes

Role | Lead System/Combat Designer

Download | DigiPen Game Gallery


My Ownerships

  • ​Wrote all design documentation/user stories, and designed/scripted the foundational combat for the game. 

  • Programmed/developed a frame-accurate prototype of the game within Unity. 

  • Scripted all in-game characters through our own proprietary "Fighter Data" JSON scripting pipeline.

  • Directed user playtesting to constantly align user feedback with appropriate gameplay changes.

  • Routine bug-logging for gameplay elements such as input buffering, gameplay issues, UI issues, etc. 

  • Assisted in designing the game's UI to ensure the smoothest user experience possible.

  • Performed/provided live reference modeling for artists for all character's combat actions.

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