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A "Punch-Out" inspired boxing action game focused on the concept of "roots". Pick between 3 different national boxing styles and K.O. the Red Uprooter!

Boxing! was developed as part of the Global Game Jam 2023 as part of a two-person team. I served as the sole developer on the project alongside a music producer.

Platform | PC


Dev Time | 2 Days

Team Size | 2

Playtime | 5 Minutes

Role | Developer

Download | Global Game Jam 2023 Website


My Ownerships

  • Designed and implemented all gameplay elements of Boxing! through Unity C# scripting.

  • Implemented a rudimentary enemy behavior tree for the sole boss enemy using Unity C# scripting.

  • Designed and tuned all frame data for the various boxing "root" styles selectable and the boss.

  • Implemented all audio given by the music producer working alongside me.

  • Produced all sprite assets.

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