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999 Hit Slayer is a 2D combo-focused character action game with a free-flowing combo system! Inspired by Devil May Cry, play as the Slayer and perform legendary combos versus your foe, Clint the Bionic Sniper - it's style or die!

999 Hit Slayer was developed as part of DigiPen's GAM 150 course as part of a programmer-focused team. I served as the lead designer and programmer on the team.

Platform | PC


Dev Time | 5 Months

Team Size | 6

Playtime | 10 Minutes

Role | Lead Designer/Programmer

Download | Google Drive

e7e5e85ae9cbf776ece6b512fb2d103d (1)_edited.jpg

My Ownerships

  • Designed and implemented all gameplay elements and combat of 999 Hit Slayer in C in our custom engine.

  • Implemented a rudimentary enemy behavior tree for the sole boss enemy.

  • Designed and developed the tutorial system and training level. 

  • Designed and tuned all the game's combat/player frame data to mesh with our combo scoring system.

  • Adapted complex combat logic systems from 1st Strike to 999 Hit Slayer for gameplay logic.

  • Produced all player and boss sprite assets.

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