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1st Strike is a 2D fighting game inspired by games like Footsies and King of Fighters. Pick a team of 3 characters and fight it out in high-tension 1-hit-K.O. brawls!

1st Strike was developed as part of DigiPen's GAM 100 course. It is one of the 1st fighting games developed as part of the course and at DigiPen. I served as the lead designer and programmer on the team.

Platform | PC


Dev Time | 5 Months

Team Size | 3

Playtime | 5 Minutes

Role | Lead Designer/Programmer

Download | Google Drive


My Ownerships

  • Designed and implemented all gameplay elements and combat of 1st Strike in our custom engine.

  • Designed and implemented all 4 (+1 easter egg) characters' gameplay and associated frame data.

  • Programmed complex combat logic systems to allow for PvP 2D combat within our rudimentary engine.

  • Produced 4 of the characters' artwork and all audio.

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